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Choosing the right fireproofing contractor is just as essential as selecting the right products. Greer Contracting Ltd is the Lower Mainland’s premier fireproofing application company. So whether you require service in Vancouver, Vancouver Island, or the Interior you can be assured you’re getting an experienced and certified contractor.

Spray Fireproofing Applications for
the Lower Mainland
As a leader in spray fireproofing, Greer Contracting Ltd has completed high-profile projects for Vancouver International Airport, Vancouver Convention Centre, and other well-known sites throughout the province.

Through our sister company, Greer Spray Foam Ltd, we also provide polyurethane foam applications. On the Contact Us page, you will find directions to our location in Burnaby.

Professional Affiliations
Greer Contracting Ltd is a member of the Better Business Bureau and VRCA

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Intumescent Fireproofing to Tree Columns at the Vancouver International Airport